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Saving Tips

Time Saving

When sampling our products using Finale Reader, do not close the window. The next sample will appear much quicker if after viewing if you minimize the previous window. Likewise, for Adobe viewer and your MP3 player, theve those applications open and sample files will appear faster.



  • For saving ink, it is recommended to adjust the printer to a draft or quick print setting. The quality of the notes and text will be legible and sufficient for practicing, making notes or changing articulation. This is especially good for printing blank solo parts for the purpose of marking various articulations that require a number of copies to work with.
  • For the best printing quality, the presentational copy, adjust the printer to a high quality setting and print the pieces on better paper (this will make a great gift - to get more people to be involved and enjoy wind music.
  • Another noteworthy saving technique, is refilling empty printer cartridges in local refill centers. This proves to be significantly less than buying them new.

Shopping for music

Try before you buy at Winds Music and avoid these time and money wasters:

  • Going to a music store and finding music sheets (sometime not knowing what you get...)
  • Spending $10-30 for them and often on other unnecessary items...
  • Being tired after returning home and finding the new music to be not what you really want...
  • The cost of gas or public transportation ($3-5)... 2-3 hours of precious time, that could have been saved.

   Compared to what was described above, our music is almost free!

WindsMusic.com - we offer desirable music from comfort of your home, in lesser time, without the expense of transportation - Your true friend in the world of MUSIC