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Term Meaning
Adagio slowly, at ease.
Adaptations pieces of music made suitable for performing on various instruments other than original source.
Allegretto moderately fast, a little lively.
Allegro cheerful or brisk; commonly interpreted as lively, fast. (112-132 metronome quarter beats per minute).
Andante at a walking pace; moderate tempo (76-98).
Andantino slightly faster than andante.
Aria expressive melody or piece for one voice with orchestral accompaniment, mostly from operas or cantatas and oratorios.
Arrangement preparing and adapting an already written composition for presentation in other than its original form.
Articulation performance technique which affects the transition or continuity between notes and sounds. Slurs, staccato, accents and various tonque technics are articulation tools for wind players.
Baroque set of styles of European classical music beetween 1600-1750. J.S.Bach, G.Handel, A.Vivaldi, F.Couperin, A.Scarlatti, A.Corelli, G.Pergolesi etc.
Blank Copy Solo part without articulation. Exsclusive feature of Winds Musicology Inc. (WindsMusic com.). May be used for editing, experimenting, learning various styles of aticulation. Great tool for performers, teachers and students.
Bouree 17 century dance of French origin in quick double time resembling Gavotte.
Cantata vocal composition in few movements for soloists and chorus with an instrumental accompaniment.
Canzonetta Italian secular vocal composition - song for voice and accompaniment which originated at the end of 17 century.
Classical period falls between Baroque and Romantic periods (1750-1820). J.Haydn, W.Mozart, L.Beethoven, C.Gluck and their contemporaries.
Courante triple metre dances from the late Renaissance and the Baroque era.
Editing making changes in style, aticulation; enriching or enlightening of accompaniment or solo part of existing music.
Gavotte 17-18 century French folk dance in double time that exists in both folk forms and historical court forms.
Genre criteria for a category based on style or time (age) of composition.
Gigue lively Baroque dance in compound metre 6/8, 9/8, 12/8.
Invention short composition with 2-3 parts melody counterpoint (polyphony). J.S.Bach`s Inventions are small wonders of this style.
Largo slowly, broadly.B55
Minus One MP3 file of only accompaniment for practicing play-along (karaoke style). Before music starts there are 2 measures of metronome for being prepared for tempo. May be use on any computer or MP3 player.
Musette originated in 18 century air or dance written for the musette (bagpipe) or a pastoral piece in imitation of the instrument.
Nocturne a musical composition inspired by romanticism of night.
Package few pieces of same composer at lower price than to be purchase separately. Especially recommended for ensembles, where same instrument may be used in various combinations, oftenly in different tunes.
Prelude a short piece of music, often improvisatory in nature.
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Romantic music of very broad array of composers 1820-1910. F.Schubert, R.Schumann, C.Weber, J.Brahms, C.Saent-Saens etc.
Sarabande Spanish slow dance in triple metre, originated in 16-17 century. Later it became a traditional movement of the suite during the baroque period.
Scherzo style of music pieces that should be performed in a playful manner. The word means joke in Italian.
Sonate a large form of music for solo instrument.
Sonatine a short, easy sonata.
Song without Words lyrical piano pieces by F.Mendelsohn, P.Tchaikovsky.
Traditional popular, folk, christmas, old-time favourites etc. songs and pieces from over the world.
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